Let’s play a game! Here’s your homework…

So, I have a couple of total and complete newbies who will be playing in my pending D&D group.  One has never played any games, period.  She’s my girlfriend, and she’s graciously agreed to try it for my sake.  I’m very lucky to have her and to be able to share something with her that gives me such joy.

The other newb is a friend that I know from a previous work situation.  She has played games before, but not tabletop, only computer (WoW, stuff like that).  She’s really excited to try it, but she’s never done a group RPG in real-life and hasn’t read any of the sourcebooks.  I’m going to loan her my PHB, so she doesn’t have to spend any money on it unless she wants to.  She’s fine with it, but it feels like I invited her over for a game, and then assigned her homework.

Has anybody else ever had this issue?  I guess there aren’t a lot of first-time players who haven’t already chosen to read the books.  I figure most people who play buy the books first, then seek out a game.

(And yes, my game is going to have girls in it.  There’s even a third girl of indeterminate experience I haven’t mentioned yet…)


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