I Is Whelmed Over

So, I’m feeling a little better about this DM thing than I had been, thanks to some really great blogs, emails, etc. I’m still feeling like there is a lot to do, but that’s partly because there’s a lot to do in my real life, too.

Part of my anxiety is probably because I’m not really a very social guy. OK, I’m a hermit. I only really talk to the people I work with and my girlfriend. Now I have this group of people that I invited to play D&D, some of whom have never played before. I feel like it’s my responsibility to get everyone organized and educated, while somehow keeping it fun for everyone (and not a chore or a drag). That require a lot of social contact that I’m not used to (though my mother would tell you I’ve always had a knack for it).

I got turned on to a piece of software that might help in the long run (review to follow, once I figure it out and experiment with it). But for the time being, it only adds to my workload, since I have to figure out how to use it and if it will even do what I want it to do.

My group has varying degrees of experience with D&D, and games in general. Somehow, I have to get the experienced players the background info on the “world” we’ll be playing in, and at the same time not flood the newbs with info overload. Often, I feel like I’m sending emails to the group that no one is going to read, since people sometimes go blank when confronted with a “wall of text”.

Idea: Maybe I’ll just dump the info that they will need here, then give them the blog address, so they can read or not at their leisure and comment if they feel like. yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll try that, see how it works.

Keep checking in! It makes me feel less alone when people read what I’m writing. Comments help, too.


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