The (Very) Brief

Well, we played our first game yesterday.  Everybody showed up (although some were a little late), and it went pretty well.  Mostly, everybody figured out what to do pretty quickly.  I’m guessing that having played computer RPGs and MMOs helped in some cases.  There were, of course, several moments of “wait, can I do this?” and “what does this do again?” – and even a moment where I forgot to figure the continuing damage dealt by our insect druid’s “zone” – but it mostly went pretty smooth.

I was totally impressed with how quickly we were able to resolve combat.  The word on the forums/blogoshpere is that combat is a major time drag, but 5 newb players and a newb DM were able to do an entire combat in about an hour.  That was about the right amount of time for it to seem interesting without taxing anybody’s patience, I thought.  Granted, it was a fairly simple battle, but it rolled along at a good pace.  I imagine once everybody gets familiar with their character sheets and what the characters can do, it will get even faster.

I also think that my players will get into the role-playing spirit as they become more comfortable.  There were glimmers of it in yesterday’s game, like when our bard used “Vicious Mockery” and actually used a “yo mama” (adjusted for D&D flavor) joke while rolling the dice.  So I’m feeling very positive about the whole thing.  I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t approach the first encounter with a little more strategy, but I’m sure they’ll figure that out soon enough (because they’ll die otherwise – hint, hint).

All told, big fun was had by all.  I will write more as time allows.


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  1. Awesome! Congrats on a good first session.

  2. Roleplaying vs strategy… Where do you draw the line?

    The crazy dwarf ran in head first, the thief tried to backstab everybody (without knowing exactly how, but that’ll come), the hesitant cleric hesitantly acted, the feisty bard was feisty at her foes, and the more-complicatedly-motivated-because-he’s-my-character druid exploded into a swarm of bees and threw water, fire, and locusts at people. So good combat role-playing for a first session.

    Now how do we work in strategy, and can we do it without excessive meta-gaming. I hate meta-gaming, partly because I think I know everything and can come off as a bit of a tyrant. I’m also a decent strategist (see my opinion of my opinions above), and my character might have the best combined Int/Wis score. This makes in-game strategy analysis possible. During combat (and in any other situation when the tedium of human existence gets to be burdensome), however, I spend all my time as 170 lbs of bees. Bees can’t exactly shout out tactics. So my own contributions will wait until my character thinks the situation is dire enough to coalesce and dejectedly bark out orders (which may take 2 turns).

    I like the idea of strategy developing as both the characters and players start to learn each other’s talents and trust each other to use them wisely. The situation we have, where the players are getting to know the game and both the players and characters are getting to know each other (in my case, at least), actually makes this development more natural.

    Do I use parentheses too much?

    Anyway, it’ll happen as it needs to, which it doesn’t against a few kobolds.

  3. I believe strategy will come inherently… but I do not think the table would begrudge any assistance. I appreciate the synopsis and insight… but don’t think I wont steal your money purse next week.

    Do I use ellipsis too much?

  4. The only one who can abuse ellipses here, Phe, is me. . . . Because I am . . . the Hesitant Cleric! (??)

  5. This, my friends, is why I allow Kureigu into my presence more often than most other humans (my girlfriend excepted). Not only has he summarized the session with a simple elegance, but he has also injected the calm voice of reason into the endless chaotic nightmare that is my worry-laden thoughts. As usual.

    Purple prose aside, he’s right. I would do well to remember that not only are the players learning, but so too are the characters (considering the story, which I have yet to write up and post here).

    Also, the “hesitant cleric” bit is absolute perfection!

  6. Phe – Yes, I shall provide. The next encounter will be harder than the last. As such, I’ll probably be making some suggestions. And if we can get the dwarf to the table on time this time, we’ll take a lot longer with each player’s individual turn. The next encounter may take longer than the first one did, but we’ll be doing more actual learning.

    And I’ll be sure to explain exactly how you can get the bonus damage for “backstabbing”. And maybe you can pickpocket someone or pick a lock or do something roguish. 🙂

  7. Congrats and many happy returns to your game. Sounds like y’all are off to a great start. 😀

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