The Lowly Kobold

I’d like to have a small presentation on the race known as kobolds and how I plan to handle this race in my game.  Before I do, though, I have to share with everyone that this post at Daddy Grognard’s blog totally blew my mind.  In light of something said in that post, I should note that the statements contained herein are generalizations of the race as a whole (as not every member of a race conforms exactly to a set of proclivities).  Please also note that kobolds are a fairly common race, and most common people will know the basics of what appears below (or can discover it easily by simply asking around).
So, Kobolds…  Kobolds are very small.  They’re about the size of Gnomes, and have an irrational hatred of that particular race.  They are lizard-like humanoids – scaly, reptillian, cold-blooded – that share a distant kinship with dragonkind (and can often be found in the service of dragon masters or other large creatures).  They have opposable thumbs, use tools and weapons, and wear clothing and armor.  Their scales are iguana-like, usually in tones of rust and red-brown.
Kobolds are aggresive, clannish, and xenophobic.  However, they are also craven and cowardly.  A single kobold is unlikely to be a threat, as they will likely flee if threatened.  They gain confidence with numbers, though (and with their fast reproductive rate, there are often plenty to be found).  Kobolds in a group can be quite dangerous, as they have an irritating tendency to swarm if they believe that they have the advantage.  They are also fairly crafty and known for setting traps and utilizing ambush techniques.  Highly territorial, they will fight to defend their homes.
Despite being cold-blooded, kobolds are industrious miners, often found inhabiting tunnels (whether created by themselves or co-opted and expanded upon).  Most kobolds are simply diggers, but there are more prestigious professions in kobold society.  Some examples are:  trapmaker, warrior, wyrmpriest, and sorceror.  While kobolds occasionally waylay travellers through their chosen territory, they will generally ignore those they perceive to be passing through.  Kobolds undertaking banditry or highway robbery are usually in the service of some larger creature(s) that command them to do so.
And thus endeth the treatise on the lowly kobold.  As my players encounter more creatures in the game, I will be posting “common” knowledge – and knowledge that they have researched – about them here.

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  1. Sorry about the crap formatting on this post. I wrote it in Notepad and copied it here. I can’t figure how to get the line breaks the way I want them and I don’t care enough to keep fussing with it. Please just deal with it. 🙂

  2. Hi Eabod

    Glad you liked the post, and that you found something of interest therein. I’m looking forward to some Saturday Night Fight Club dice crunching to get away from the heavy stuff!

    Have you checked out the various Devil in the Detail posts that were about a couple of weeks ago?

    This might help to individualise your kobolds. Hope it works for you.

    Best regards


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