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Hello again, faithful readers!  I took a short break from writing to lay around and mope, but I have returned with several new ideas for things about which I can write.  Before I do, though, I wanted to direct you to a blog post that I think is worth reading.  I don’t always agree with the author, faustusnotes, but I know a good article when I see one.  I recommend you go read it (when you’re done reading this one).

Now, I would like to write a bit about the first two sessions I have had with my new group.  But in order to do that properly, I feel, I must first introduce my players and their characters.  That way, you can refer back to this article if you ever get confused about who is who.  I’ll introduce them alphabetically, by their characters’ names.

Adam Bald-Wind, Human Swarm Druid – Leave it to my best friend, Kureigu, to create the most complicated and strange character in our roster, then give him the name that comes first alphabetically.  Adam is a man who had his entire village/tribe/clan destroyed by as-yet-indeterminate-monstrous-race raiders when he was in his early teens.  He is the lone survivor, who then fled to Fallcrest and became a beekeeper.  He is quiet, anti-social, and a bit odd, preferring the company of bees to people.  And he likes to suddenly become a 170 lb swarm of bees periodically (I’m sure this character will only get weirder with time).

Kureigu is a very good friend of mine who never fails to assist when I require clarity (or anything else, for that matter).  He played role-playing games when he was younger and has returned to try out 4th Edition D&D at my request.

Aeogar, Dwarf Stone Warden – Aeogar is played by my friend from work, Korwen, who is a RPG veteran and all-around pro gamer, but new to 4E D&D.

Aeogar is our resident tank.  Gruff and burly, he tends to charge to the front lines of any battle, calling forth the power of the stony earth itself to bolster his defenses and crush his enemies.  Aeogar came to Fallcrest on a sort of walkabout, striking out from the dwarven lands to the East to seek his fortune and destiny.

Ivy, Human Cleric of Pelor – My girlfriend, Hilary, is playing this character that I designed for her.  Hilary has never played RPGs and does not consider herself a gamer.  She doesn’t even play board or card games, though she does enjoy the occasional casual PC game (like Peggle or Bookworm).

Her character, Ivy, is the second orphan of our bunch.  Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by the good people at the various temples of Fallcrest.  In return she worked for them as a youth and became an acolyte of Pelor recently when a dwarven priest from Hammerfast came to revitalize Pelor’s long-abandoned temple in Fallcrest.  Ivy is quiet, shy, and hesitant, mostly concerned with bringing everyone home alive (though her dwarf patron hopes that she will embrace adventure and rid the world of evil, as he did in his youth).

Phelan TreValen, Halfling Rogue – Known as Phe to her friends, our diminutive bad-girl hails from the “bad” part of Fallcrest, Lowtown.  She spent a lot of her youth running with the gangs at the docks, learning dubious skills and developing a self-sufficient attitude.

Phe is being played by a former work colleague, Darci.  Darci has played computer RPGs and MMOs, but has never played a table-top RPG.

Valgarma, Human Bard – Last but not least, the resident bard is being played by Korwen’s girlfriend, Cavatica.  Like Darci, Cavatica is also a veteran of the MMO scene, but has never played a pen-and-paper RPG.

Her character, Valgarma, was a child of privilege.  Born of a family of wealthy landowners, she was sent to the finest finishing schools, where she learned a great deal about history, music, and art.  However, she was rebellious and flightly by nature, so she would often sneak away to the poorer quarters to dabble in life’s baser pleasures and made quite a few friends in the shadows.  Recently, her parents discovered her transgressions and she was banished from their presence.  Unfazed, she has joined up with our party to see the world and have a little fun.

So that’s our adventuring party.  Later, when I write up adventure notes, I will be sure to provide a link back to this post.  Also, I imagine that I will be making periodic edits to these character backgrounds as my players continue to flesh them out (and inform me where I got something wrong).  Hope you enjoyed reading this, and stay tuned for my notes on our first session!


4 Responses to “Cast of Caricatures”

  1. faustusnotes Says:

    Cool-sounding characters! Your players seem to be as diverse a group as their PCs. Where is the name “kureigu” from? It sounds like a Japanese writing of “Craig.”

  2. Kureigu Says:

    To answer the name question, my name is Craig, and I was friends with some asiaphiles (cultural, not necessarily sexual) in college who’d call me Kureigu or Kureigukun. Since that’s when I started messing with the internets (mid 90s, like most folk), it’s been my most common screen name since.

    As for the character background, I’ll add that my bee-man powers started at the random attack on the clan, and is why I’m the only survivor. “Oh crap! Random monstrous humanoids!” Then I exploded into a swarm of bees in panic. And the clan worshiped bees, which explains why they were so easily squashed. I’m also completely purposeless and depressive at the moment, despising the human frailty that caused me to abandon the clan. My only pleasure is the loss of humanity felt while embodying the hive-mind, and that’s made ambivalent by the guilt of fleeing the slaughter in that form.

    To add future weirdness, when my bee form is perfected, I figure my bee-parts will be able to mate with each other and thus I’ll become immortal. Somehow I don’t think the designers that came up with this class think like me. I’ve got more, but that’d spoil the surprise.

  3. faustusnotes Says:

    cool! Can’t wait to read more. And I’m glad my sense of Japanese names was right, kureigu-san.

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